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  • HSIS Unveils New 3D Glass Inspection Machine Series


    Hunan Super Information System Ltd.(HSIS) ,a company invested by HRG, has bet on the 3D glass industry with growing potential in the 5G era and recently unveiled a new holistic inspection machine series, all independently developed , which can be used to assess the quality of 3D curved glass briefly.

    Ovum, a technology market research firm, predicted that 5G will bring more revenue worldwide than 3G/4G by 2025. The new business models and immersive interactive experience based on 5G technology will revolutionize communications, autonomous driving, IoT, AR and VR industries, as well as smart phone industries.

    In building a smart phone that supports 5G signals, besides the chip, the biggest change is in the casing material. Double-sided glass will gradually take metal’s position and become the market darling in that it can bring stronger signals, compatibility with wireless charging, and offer a better outlook and feeling while held in hands.

    In 2018, most of the middle- and high-end models released by Chinese major smart phone manufacturers, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi, are made of double-sided 3D glass. However, in the favorable market situation for 3D glass, 3D glass measurement is still a headache for many industry experts.

    HSIS’ new series focus on addressing this challenge. The three new devices are CCD image measuring instrument F200, fully automatic laser measuring instrument FL4030, and automatic laser image measuring instrument LVS4030-MFL. They have solved the difficulty in measuring the R angle contour and arc height while inspecting 3D curved glass.

    CDD Image Measuring Instrument F200: measuring length, width, hole edge distance, ink size, profile, etc. Precision <3um, Z-axis can be automatically focused to suit products with different thickness; measuring all image sizes <0.35 sec/pcs.

    Fully automatic laser measuring instrument FL4030: measuring flatness, height and thickness of 3D glass. Z precision ≤ 3+L/50, with high detection efficiency.

    Automatic laser image measuring instrument LVS4030-MFL: simultaneously measuring height, thickness, flatness and any planar size. Laser measurement is <0.25 sec/dot; measuring all image sizes <2 sec/pcs, which can be connected to the manipulator for automatic loading and unloading.

    The product is equipped with Mitsubishi robots for fast loading and unloading, which has highly increased the efficiency of holistic detection for 3D curved glass. Furthermore, the accuracy and efficiency problems of current contact scanning and 3D laser scanning measurement methods have also been unraveled by this new series.

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