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  • HRG Robotics Inks Strategic Partnership with Origin Quantum at China Internation


    SHANGHAI, Sep. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HIT Robot Group (HRG Robotics or "the Group"), one of China's leading robot manufactures, has inked a "quantum-empowering" strategic partnership with Origin Quantum Computing Company, Limited, Hefei (Origin Quantum), a high-tech quantum computing firm, at the 20th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai (CIIF or "the Fair"), a major event for industrial equipment manufacturers in China held from September 19th to 23th.

    In a bid to push the development of the quantum computing industry, HRG Robotics and Origin Quantum will work together to develop quantum computing models, software, algorithms, sensors, and blockchain technologies, supported by the two companies' technical capabilities in quantum computing hardware and software development.

    "We are excited for this new partnership with Origin Quantum," said Wang Meng, CEO of HRG Robotics. "After over three years' of hard work, our HRG Robotics Biosphere, which links 'innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry,' is poised to deliver on the promises that new technologies offer, and we look forward to integrating Origin Quantum's innovations with our own to power our next stage of development.

    "In an era where progress is powered by artificial intelligence, the internet, smart manufacturing, and biological engineering, technological breakthroughs have become one of the key driving forces of many companies' and countries' economic growth," said Meng.

    As part of the partnership, HRG Robotics and Origin Quantum will leverage the former's decades of experience in the industry and its business demands, as well as the latter's technological strengths in the field of quantum computing, to jointly explore opportunities in the quantum computing industry, specifically the development of quantum-powered industrial networks, quantum-powered smart manufacturing, and high-precision quantum sensors, among others.

    The HRG Robotics Biosphere provides a range of support and services to help companies transform research achievements into products, and then turn those products into merchandise. Designed to offer guidance to companies across different stages of development - from incubating startups to coordinating academic-industry cooperation for more mature firms - the Biosphere has allowed HRG to help over 40 technology companies in the fields of smart manufacturing, industrial robots, service robots, and special robots, among others, that possess nearly 500 patents and sell more than 100 products.

    In addition to the partnership with Quantum Computing, HRG Robotics also showcased a raft of its latest products at CIIF. Highlights include its Moly Wire Multi-cut Machine, T5 Collaborative Robot, Industrial Robot Skill Assessment Training Platform, and Multi-channel quantum measurement and control system.

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