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  • HIT Robot Group Showcases Full Range of Robots at WRC 2016


    Oct 25, 2016

    BEIJING, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- HIT Robot Group (HRG), China's top robot researcher and producer, wowed the 2016 World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing with its wide range of robotics innovations, in particular its cutting-edge nanorobotics, industrial robots and rehabilitation robots.

    As a leading platform for robotics, this year's WRC attracted over 150 robot manufacturers and 300 top academics, including big names like Stanford professor Oussama Khatib and iRobot founder Rodney Brooks. HRG impressed the audience by bringing more than 60 robotics innovations to the forefront.

    Among its latest designs, HRG's Nano-Robotic Manipulation System, which enables manipulation of materials on a nano level, was a standout. The systems newly launched atomic force microscope and Nano Newton force sensor work together to contribute to more accurate and efficient performance of nano-manipulation. With this innovation, the company reinforced its position as a pioneer in the field of nano-manipulation.

    In addition, HRG introduced a series of other robots including those working in the industrial education and catering service.   

    Leveraging Harbin Institute of Technology's (HIT) advanced research forces, HRG has expanded its product line into the leading edge of robotics, for instance, human-robot collaboration that revolutionizes rehabilitation service. HRG's patented Joint Rehabilitation Robot "ROBJON" and intelligent care bed "ROBED" highlight the company's efforts in addressing the needs of the elderly and the disabled.

    HRG has been an active participant in international robotics fairs and conferences in 2016, many of which have led to fruitful partnerships. As part of its global strategy, the company recently signed an exclusive agreement with renowned Canadian robot manufacturer Kinova to become its sole representative in China. HRG will continue to seek opportunities for international cooperation.

    "The WRC serves as a window to Chinese intelligent manufacturing solutions where you can see all the topnotch technologies and companies from China. As one of them, HRG is growing very fast," said Zhu Lei, HRG's vice president. "We are also using this opportunity and other international exposure to look for partnership overseas," Zhu said.

    About HIT Robot Group

    HIT Robot Group (HRG), founded in 2014, is one of China's high-tech giants in robotics with a joint investment fromHeilongjiang provincial government, Harbin municipal government, and the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). HRG manufactures a full range of robots and robotic equipment for various industries and operates as a solution provider for technology companies. The company has a strong presence in 13 major Chinese cities and has international offices inWashington DC, San Jose, Frankfurt, Seoul and Tokyo.

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