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  • HRG Showcases New Vision and Product Range at the Beijing World Robot Conference 2018


    BEIJING, Aug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HRG Robot Group ("the Group"), one of?China's?leading robot manufacturers, is to present their new vision for the future of the Robotics industry, under their new "Robotics Biosphere" business model at this year's World Robot Conference, held from August 15-19 in Beijing. The vision, created as a response to a changing robotics industry in China, has led to the creation of several new product lines which will be on display throughout the event.

    HRG will present their choice products based on an Analysis Report on the Chinese Robotics Industry in China 2018, co-produced by the China Institute of Science and Technology, HRG, and HIT Insights which detailed the latest trends and challenges facing the industry. The report found the Chinese robotics industry experienced vigorous development last year at a world-leading growth rate, with investors' enthusiasm reaching historically high levels. The report also found that both Chinese industrial and service robot companies have seen considerable advancement in technology, products and service in several sectors which HRG has invested heavily in recent years, including the medical and educational robotic solutions will be on display during the exhibition.

    "The collaborative, educational, medical robots that HRG will present at the Beijing World Robotics Conference fully reflect the industry trends as well as our latest efforts," said Wang Meng, President of HIT Robot Group.

    One of the star products at HRG's booth which combines both industries will be the Intelligent Education and Rating System, created for Elderly Care and Rehabilitation. An educational system integrating Chinese and Western medical theories and nationally standardized curriculum with state-of-the-art robotic and sensor technologies, to train staff at medical schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities.

    Alongside the Intelligent Education and Rating System is the lifting laser-guided AGV, a new model for lifting and shipping large-sized stocks through narrow pathways in factories. Powered by the world-leading SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, the robotic vehicle can easily avoid various obstacles during operation.

    The booth will also play host to two further product lines: 

    HRG's Wearable Lower Limb Robotic Exoskeleton: a smart wearable device that gives users an extra power boost when walking and climbing up stairs. The lightweight device is simple in structure making it easy for users to put-on and take-off. It can also monitor the user's walking data and provide health tips accordingly.

    Bang Bang: An innovative one-stop platform meeting the demands of providers and manufacturers, Bang Bang incorporates the concepts of "smart manufacturing" and "internet service". Bang Bang, integrates resources including the information of government policies, industry trends, manufacturing campuses and funds, to help match various players and stakeholders in the industry to further expand their businesses.

    Other products on display will include HRG's network engraving robot, a small firefighting robot, the HRG T5 and the lightweight ROS enabled cooperative robot (T5).

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